August 23, 2020

Podcasting: An Upcoming Mass Medium

“Most people I know are interested in on-demand things: Podcasts are basically audio Netflix,” Jordan Harbinger.

Potentially Wider Podcasts Consumer Base

The first reason is the ability to potentially reach global listeners. Secondly, google Podcast search option is making it possible for target listeners to discover relevant podcasts faster than before.

Additionally, podcast applications that will be integrated into cars will generate a massive growth of podcast listeners. 

Pros of Podcasting

  • You can tell your story anytime and from anywhere.
  • You can communicate any topics or ideas to a particular target audience.
  • The subscription option enables listeners to receive alerts every time you post a new episode.
  • You can build a robust interactive community through the spoken word. 

Cons of Podcasting

  • Bandwidth may be expensive.
  • The possibility of losing your listener base in case you fail to deliver compelling episodes regularly.
  • You must always be passionate. You can’t fake it.

Keeping Your audience involved

One primary reason for delivering a compelling podcast is to get a loyal audience. To achieve this, you have to create exciting podcast episodes that will encourage your audience to engage.

How do you accomplish that?
  • Choose a topic that you are interested in and enjoy talking about. This will help you avoid having boring episodes, and you’ll be able to create episodes regularly.
  • Have a target audience and understand your audience. Avoid trying to please all listener. Choose a specific niche.
  • Tell interesting stories. People are more likely to remember stories more than any other form of information. Stories capture the audience, makes them relate to the information.
  • Create an opportunity for conversation with your audience. Ask questions and report the answers on one of your episodes. Let them ask questions and broadcast your answers.
  • Get expert guests into your show as often as you can. Find experts that are not very popular but have great stories to tell. Make sure they are relevant, entertaining and knowledgeable.
  • Ensure you have a perfect recording with clear sounding. Poor recording with distractive sounds discourages listeners.
  • Always record with the imagination of talking to one person. Since every person will listen individually. It should sound like you are speaking directly to a listener. It’s best to visualize a person in your mind.

Producing Unique Podcasts

There are many podcasts out there. The uniqueness of your content is what will draw the audience to your podcast. You have to ensure that you stand out of the crowd.

How would you achieve uniqueness?
  • If you are discussing a broad topic, have a specific viewpoint that’s different from other podcasts. Choose a perspective that you can relate to, and your target audience will be likely to connect to it—for example, fitness from the viewpoint of a parent with a demanding fulltime job.
  • Paint a clear picture of how your audience will change after listening to each episode. Be as specific as possible. For example, “By the end of this episode, you will be able to differentiate between A and B”.
Unique Format
  • Try a different length for your episodes. If most podcasts in your niche are 30 t0 45 minutes long, create shorter episodes discussing one subtopic at a time.
  • Have a different schedule for releasing your episodes. For example, a 3-hour episode discussion with a few experts once a month and daily release of short podcast giving one tip per day.
  • Most podcasts contain just one host. Try varying from having 1 to 2 or 3 hosts from time to time.

Why I started Podcasting

Being an emcee and magician, I missed performing in front of a crowd and the sedentary lifestyle caused by COVID-19 is really taking a toll on my mental wellbeing. And by starting this podcast, I could kill two birds with one stone. I still am able to speak to people albeit it being a recording of a solo episode or even a Zoom interview with guests as well as keeping myself sane.

My focus is on discovering one’s passion. In the midst of discovering one’s passion, there will be times that we may be off track but anything that warms the cockles of one’s heart, I will try to explore and bring it forward to my listeners. My hope for this podcast is that listeners are able to take a thing or two about the topics that I had brought forward.

Happy listening!

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