In this episode of Funky Fridays with Bo Podcast, join host Magic Bo as he speaks with Amit Singh a Health & Wellness Coach. Amit is passionate about helping his clients meet their truest potential in all aspects of their lives, including Health & Wellness. Amit also loves seeing colleagues and peers grow, take risks and lead fulfilling lives in the areas they choose to pursue. Amit draws his inspiration in helping the people with mental health challenges from Max de Pree an American businessman and writer. He was known for his efforts to combine a caring organisation with business success. A quote Amit shared “We cannot become who we want by remaining who we are” is all about empowerment and people with mental health challenges should stay by this and must feel empowered that they can be better and only then they will be free! Catch the full conversation here:

Growing up in a cow farm [2:12]

DNA of different types of coaching vis-à-vis Mental Health and Health & Wellness [3:45]

A day of a Health & Wellness Coach & a career in coaching [6:33]

Passion to help people with mental health challenges [9:27]

Stigma between the Western World and Asian and opening up on mental illness [10:50]

Creating awareness on mental health challenges in Singapore [14:33]

Amit’s areas of speciality in coaching  [23:02]

Tips and recommendations on people with mental health challenges [25:30]

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