In this episode of Funky Fridays with Bo Podcast, join host Magic Bo as he speaks with Michelle Anhang a Mental Health Coach Michelle who provides support and strategy to individuals and families living with mental health challenges. Michelle lost her husband to suicide 14 years ago and hid the truth about his death out of shame and fear of stigma. She has turned the pain into her purpose by speaking publicly about her journey through healing and finally sharing her truth, as well as her own mental health challenges that arose. Catch the full conversation here:

Mental health coach a complementary to counselling and therapy [2:20]

The different mental health challenges [8:23]

It all about choices [9:00]

Michelle’s journey on coping with stigma and opening up [10:25]

There is nothing to fear at all [16:01]

Do not be judgmental [17:55]

I’m concern [20:00]

Celebrities opening up and so must you [24:40]

Coaching- a new channel coping with mental health challenges [26:23]

Stress can be good [30:15]

Tips and recommendations on a Friday Night [31:00]

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