In this episode of Funky Fridays with Bo Podcast, join host Magic Bo as he chat with the Zacky Hosnen, champion of the recently concluded Squeaky Clean Men’s Physique Competition. Zacky has always had problems coping with weight problems. It was only after a reminder by his good friends of his ambition that he decided to do something about his weight and physical appearance and he decided enough was enough. He started his journey 8 years ago and his journey was an inspirational one! Catch our full conversation here:

Zacky’s journey in body building [2:23]

Days leading up to the competition [11:28]

A good base and foundation is important to start off your body building journey [15:55]

Knowledge of the body parts are important [20:00]

Nutrition is key [21:51]

Body type matters [25:20]

The different types of workout [26:44]

The different categorisation between Men’s Physique, Classic and Bodybuilding [29:00]

Supplements are important [33:50]

Manhunt Singapore 2016 vs Bodybuilding Competition [36:40]

Support from family and friends is a key motivation factor [40:10]

The misconception of Steroids [42:30]

Friday Night with Zacky [50:42]

Word of advice for upcoming bodybuilders & gym goers [52:40]

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