In this episode of Funky Fridays with Bo Podcast, join host Magic Bo as he spoke to Yumiko Uno, co-founder of Etrican a pioneer in Singapore’s eco-fashion scene. Yumiko was born in Singapore but has always being exposed to sustainability since young, being raised in Yokohama, Japan when she was a baby. Her journey in eco-fashion started when she had an internship at Oxfam, a global movement of people, working together to end the injustice of poverty. Catch the full conversation here:

Yumiko’s first exposure to sustainability and eco-fashion [2:07]

Growing up in Japan [4:27]

How Etrican started to being a pioneer on eco-fashion [7:00]

Change is simple [8:13]

What is ethical fashion and eco-fashion? [10:03]

What are the inspirations from Etrican’s collection? [15:47]

Etrican’s operation moved towards online due to Covid-19 [19:48]

Alternative products developed due to Covid-19 [20:40]

Carbon footprint in Fashion. Will it be reduced at all and moving forward [21:20]

Word advice for future entrepreneur in eco-fashion – Think Long & Thin [25:30]

What is the motivation as an entrepreneur in eco fashion? [26:59]

Friday Night with Yumiko [29:40]

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