In this episode of Funky Fridays with Bo Podcast, join host Magic Bo as he engaged with Steve Cotter on his love for martial arts and his current passion Jiujitsu as well as the kettlebell sports. He also discusses the different diet and nutrition and how we should try and learn something that works for us. He also spoke about the phrase “We are Hue-Man” and gave his insights on what these entails and his wish for humanity.

Steve’s Vegan Diet and his views on the other diets and nutrition [2:20]

Steve discusses which diet is suitable for you and how you can achieve it [5:15]

How the different food culture affects your diet [10:45]

Does a Vegan diet affects your performance?[12:03]

Steve’s current passion – Jiujitsu & his passion for Martial Arts [17:19]

The Origins of We Are Hue-Man [31:34]

Hardstyle or Girevoy Sport? [42:34]

Friday Night with Steve [52:05]

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