September 12, 2020

Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference

Did you know that cancer funds allocated by the government towards funding childhood cancer research is quite insufficient?

Importance of funding research on childhood cancer

Currently, the cancer funds allocated by the government towards funding childhood cancer research is quite insufficient. This is why it is so crucial that charities and individuals donate towards childhood cancer research. The research is focused on finding safer ways of dealing with childhood cancers and preventing high numbers of child death cases, especially those caused by cancer.

The funds are also used to make it possible for cancer cure projects that were stalled because of a lack of funds. Also, some of the funds go towards innovative projects that are promising but are not yet eligible for funding by the government. These creative ideas could result in great treatments for childhood cancer.

A large amount of fundraising is used in the treatment of these young cancer patients and survivors. Some children get cured of cancer but still suffer from cancer effects like hearing loss, vision loss, brain damage and heart problems. The funds are used in research and treatment of these effects.

Your donations, therefore, bring us closer to getting better and safer treatment of childhood cancer.

How to Participate in Raising Funds this September

Coronavirus has limited us, especially on gathering in one place, making fundraising a challenge. However, you can be part of the fundraisers right from your home.

At Funky Fridays with Bo podcast, from the 2nd week of September, we will be conducting a series of weekly conversation with 3 parents of children who are in remission to understand and educate the public on the awareness of childhood cancer.

We also note that several organizations, just like the CCF, have taken the fundraising online encouraging people to donate throughout September. You can donate in any of the organizations of your choice. This way, you are part of funding and supporting those affected by childhood cancer. It doesn’t have to be a massive donation as an individual, whatever you donate, you will make a difference.

Secondly, you can organize small fundraising with your friends and contacts on WhatsApp. Let them know the importance of raising funds and encourage them to join in the fundraising. You may send the funds to a foundation or go with a few friends to visit the affected families to show support.

As we mentioned earlier, you can reach thousands of people through social media. It will, therefore, be a great idea to start a social media campaign on raising funds towards supporting those affected by childhood cancer as well as raising funds towards research.

Additionally, if you are a website owner, you can start a fundraising campaign running through September on your website to encourage your readers or listeners (for podcasters) to support the course. On that note, my adopted charity will be . ARC Children Centre is an independent charity centre whose vision is to provide a sanctuary for the children attending at the centre to enjoy continuing their education, safety and bonding and provide a haven of respite and reprieve for parents trying to cope.

For Funky Fridays with Bo, we will want to make a difference and we will be donating $1 per each download of the podcast on the series on awareness of childhood cancer for the month of September.

Happy Listening!

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