August 27, 2020

Five Awesome Things You Can Do an A Friday Night

Did you know that spending Friday night at home alone can be a restful and relaxing experience? If you were incredibly productive during the past 5 days, Friday night is the perfect time to reward yourself with something special.

Five Awesome Things You Can Do an A Friday Night

Have a party for one or two- Do all the things you usually do at a party. Light the candles, turn on some good music and have a multi-course meal delivered from your favourite takeout joint. Open up a bottle of champagne and celebrate life.

Get intimate with a book– Pick up the book you’ve been wanting to read and start reading it. If you’re not into books, read a magazine, or browse one of your favourite cookbooks or coffee table books. Avoid reading anything work-related.

Channel Your Inner Gordon Ramsay- Stop by your local grocery store and stuck up on ingredients to make a delicious dinner. Make something you’ve never made before or treat yourself to making your favourite dish. Be it pepperoni, sausage and mushroom pizza or pasta.

Have a movie marathon– Netflix was the go-to channel even before COVID-19. Check out the latest 365 DNI like 50 Shades of Grey Movie. Binge-watch a show you’ve wanted to start. If you’re more into movies, pick a director or an actor and have a marathon.

Work it out like Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons- It’s Friday, and you have a gym membership, why not hit the gym and do your own workout. Safe transition is already at phase two gyms are opening. As long as you’re not exercising, showering and then immediately jumping into bed, it doesn’t interfere with your sleep pattern at all. Stress releasing activity like yoga might help you sleep better if done at night.

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